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For the past 10 years Bill and Cathy have traveled to West Africa focusing on their orphan ministry and going to remote villages. They spend 11 months out of each year raising money for the orphans and 1 month in Africa ministering to the orphans.

Bill and Cathy have a heart for the homeless children, orphans, widows, and to the peoples of West Africa. They preach the gospel in small villages, at local churches, in small groups and to individuals.

There are over 150 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world today. Currently it is estimated over 35,000 children are orphaned each week. Africa has been ravaged by civil wars, famines, droughts, poverty and diseases such as the HIV/Aids virus. As a result thousands of children have no access to health care or a chance to attend school. In some locations in West Africa children are sold into slavery for as little as $25.00.

For $35.00 a month, you can help make the difference in the lives of these children. For each child you sponsor, you will receive a photograph so you can pray for the continued health and well being of that child. One hundred percent of all proceeds go for the care of the children and the maintenance of the Exodus House Orphanage.

Bill and Cathy are working hard to build more orphanages that will not only provide for the care of the children but will incorporate new innovative ways of teaching the children trades designed to prepare them too enter society with a means of support.

Bill and Cathy Hoffman would love to share the story of the Exodus House Orphanage at your church or organization.

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